Chelmska Development
Warsaw. Poland

chelmska development


The vision is to create a residential and commercial space that supports high-density living by providing a safe and healthy place to live, which is socially inclusive and creates a sense of ownership.

The landscape is designed as a contemporary open space with various zones and tree avenues. Green pockets surrounding the buildings are accessible for the Warsaw residents and creating spaces to socialize, relax, and gather with friends. The bicycle routes and pedestrian zones make the place easy to access and user friendly. Aesthetically, the simple uncluttered arrangement of the landscape, and the selective use of contemporary materials and furniture compliment the bold character of the surrounding architecture and echo architectural design motifs through the pattern, shapes, and lines found in the landscape design.

For the building residents, private and enclosed spaces were created surrounded by the building walls.  The new development is surrounded by green corridors made of tree avenues and shrubs and grasses breaking the large hardscape monotony.