High Rail Park
Harbin. China

high rail park


Project of the park which goes along highspeed railways and connects with the park area around Haxi railway station in Harbin, China.

The structure and composition of the park is inspired by the shape formed by the intersecting railway tracks and by rapidly changing landscapes while traveling in the train. Planting pattern and communication system intersect dynamically giving the impression of interpenetration. In principle, the park has to be attractive both visually and functionally throughout the whole season. Evergreen plantings, architectural elements in vibrant colors, water features turning during the winter into ice sculptures and varied lighting makes that the park will attract users in any time of year.

An important element of the park is a sports and recreation. We can find there a skate park, bike paths, sports fields, trails for cross-country skiing in the winter, climbing walls. On a part of the park tracks run on the bridge, which was used as a base for sculptural forms, wall climbing, places for street art. Services, shops and sanitation facilities are located at the entrance plazas to the park. Plazas located in areas relevant to the communication and link the park with the fabric of the city. As the dominant and landmarks served sculpture.

An important element of the whole concept were passages and crossings allowing to overcome the barrier that are railroad tracks. Bridges with interesting architectural form not only had to enable smooth passage but be landmarks / symbols places on the map of the city. Underpasses in addition to safe and collision-free transitions have to provide new aesthetic experience thanks to the materials and the play of lights. Landscaping elements: benches, structures for climbers, park lamps – its design and choice of materials – were inspired by the railway theme.