Kite Park
Warsaw. Poland

kite park


This concept design is based on the thinking to recycle and reuse existing city elements in the same way nature does. It is a new way of thinking for city recreation called urban succession and urban recycling, which will respond to the social, economic, and ecological changes in growing and changing cities.

The project is to reuse an overpass that runs through the Warsaw centre and create a green corridor with a usable public realm with strong ecological education points. There will be lawns, picnic gardens, and hammock grove areas where residents can relax and socialize: Plaza, café, and interactive art for entertainment and fun and urban agriculture for education.
The long, linear, continuous landscapes will be a productive city oasis, fostering a broader habitat for a diverse range of plants, animals, birds, and butterflies. The plan is to not only enhance the ecology of the area with a new green corridor but also unify and strengthen the local neighbourhood’s identity.

This area will be ringed by trees and plantings, creating a new ecological corridor. While this is a specific proposal for a particular place, it can be replicated and expanded to impact broader and longer corridors in cities across the country and around the world.