Perviy Kvartal
Vidnoye. Moscow Region. Russia

perviy kvartal


In the center of the district, there is a green plaza with a picnic and event lawn (surrounded by amphitheater), fountain, hill playground, outdoor café, community pavilion, and community roof garden. Residential complexes are interconnected by green spaces and are represented by squares, public playgrounds, lawn for picnics, pedestrian boulevards and gardens. At the entrance to the district, sidewalks and roads are made at the same level, creating a shared space for pedestrians and cars – “shared streets”. Thanks to this solution, the vehicle’s speed is reduced, the pedestrian traffic and the commercial attractiveness of the streets are increased.

S&P also designed the “Taiga forest” kindergarten in the district. The project’s main idea is to create a friendly and open space for games and education, which is directly related to the nature of the region.

The basis of the courtyard zoning is a terrain with a difference of more than 1.5 meters. Thanks to this, the playground is located at different levels and gains additional playing value. The needs of different groups of residents were taken into account: a sports zone, a workout zone, a sandbox with a pergola, and a yoga zone were created. A distinctive feature is the private terraces of the apartments on the ground floor.

The plants’ palette is diverse: lawn, understory plants, mixes of herbs and perennials, various shrubs, and large-sized conifer, deciduous, and blooming trees. Plants differ in height and density, bloom at different times of the year so that space always looks diverse.