Solnechniy. Block 2.2
Ekaterinburg. Russia

solnechniy. block 2.2


The residential area Solnechniy 2.2 is one of the eight residential blocks of Solnechniy district.

Pedestrian connections, due to the location of the entrance groups, determined the structure of the area. Two main alleys delimit the space and divide it into four functional zones:

  • the sports function is represented by a basketball court, ping-pong tables and a workout area;
  • the playground offers all the necessary activities for children and meets their basic needs such as collaboration, experimentation, game, movement, rest, communication and risk. The playground is made, of natural materials, geoplastics, and soft sand coverings;
  • two recreation areas for adults are equipped with hammocks and stands, create cozy and quiet places to the residents, and help to develop neighborly connections.

Large trees, the density of shrubs and perennials planting, hedgerows, as well as the selection of planting palette, taking into account the flowering calendar, are the methods that create a unique landscape of the residential block.