Warta tower
Warsaw. Poland



Four gardens have been created in the office building’s courtyards, which create private comfortable areas for rest and contemplation. Gardens were built on the parking slab using the technology of an “intense green roof.” This is the first such project in Warsaw. This year, the project celebrates its twentieth anniversary and feels excellent without significant changes over such a long period.

Lighting elements are located along the perimeter of each courtyard at the height of 12 m. There are several water features on the courtyards’ territory: various fountains, streams, and water cascades, which also contribute to the calming and relaxation of visitors. Moisture-loving plants have been planted near these water features.

The plant palette is diverse. Exotic plants such as bamboo in planters have also been used. Despite the fact that winters in Poland were quite cold (up to -25 degrees), all the plants took root well. Grapes were also planted, which, as a result of natural growth, formed green walls, moving to the building’s facade, thus creating the effect of the jungle.