Solnechniy park
Ekaterinburg. Russia

solnechniy park


The park was designed as the central green zone of the Solnechniy residential district in Ekaterinburg. The area located on the outskirts of the city did not have any public recreation area. To consolidate new housing projects in the surrounding landscape, it was proposed to build a district park, which will provide residents with space for walking and recreation.

The park is designed with the maximum number of green spaces and multifunctional zones in order to balance the influence of the “solid” architecture that will surround it in the future.

The plan was divided into two phases of construction. The first phase was realized in the summer of 2017. This part of the park has become a very popular place since its opening. It is located next to the main street of

the Solnechniy district, providing a pleasant relaxation area for families already living here.

Two corner entrance areas from north and south create squares that are used for public events. The third entrance area emphasizes the street perspective. It is located in the center, on the axis of the future main circular pedestrian path, which will go along a border, planted with perennials.

Solnechniy Park became the first public park of this scale ever built by a private developer in Ekaterinburg.

The park is a launching pad in a series of green open public spaces that will create the green framework of the Solnechniy district.