Tomsk 1
Tomsk. Russia

tomsk 1


New residential development in Tomsk is located along the river embankment and next to a major city street. The longest and highest building creates a separation between the busy street and the rest of the surrounding residential buildings. The cascading terrain forms large terraces, which become green roofs for the underground car parks and form courtyards.

The public realm with the event plaza along the main street welcomes users with wide footpaths, bicycle routes, tree canopies, and luxurious spaces to sit and enjoy the surroundings. The landscape design provides easy and comfortable access between the courtyards and the river. The wavy footpaths and organic lines of softscape respond to the natural character of the surrounding nature along the river.

There are provided play and sports grounds in relation to the designed architectural setting and residents’ needs. Each building has its own open space with a picnic lawn, and residential courtyard to relax, socialize, and be active. The landscape was design for all age groups and all different needs.

The landscape thus becomes a green and sustainable enclave for this area.